Boost Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is your home’s first impression on potential buyers. More than just beautifying your home, having great curb appeal will give your potential buyers the impression that your house is well taken care of, which can reduce their worries about bigger issues. Make sure your house projects the ideal image with these simple tips.

  1. Make your entry way welcoming! The door to your home should welcome your guests and make them feel comfortable. Make sure your entryway is clean and in good working order. Add a fresh coat of paint to your door and maybe put some pretty flowers in pots.
  2. Update your entryway fixtures. Matching house numbers, locksets and overhead lights can do wonders for a dated home. Just make sure the style you choose accentuates the style of your house.
  3. Clean up your landscaping. Keep your grass cut and hedges trimmed. A new batch of mulch around plants will freshen up your entire yard. You want prospective buyers to envision lounging in your yard, not slaving away doing yard work.
  4. Clean the exterior. Pressure wash driveways, walkways, and the exterior of your home to remove dirt and debris. A good wash will make your paint appear brighter and your concrete appear newer. You can also seal your driveway to give it a fresh new look.
  5. Wash your windows. Remove the screens while you’re at it so you can clean all the glass, and leave them off to make your windows appear brighter from the inside.
  6. Kill clutter. Garden tools, toys and building materials will make your home look messy. Make sure they are out of sight.
  7. Clear off your porches and decks. Put away extraneous flowerpots, grills, and even your garden hose.
  8. Repair any obvious flaws. Look for cracked gutters, peeling paint, loose boards, etc.

Exceeding Expectations

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