Last Minute Showing Tips

You get a phone call that someone wants to look at your house – Great! But they want to see it in 30 minutes – Yikes! It’s impossible to keep your house show-ready perfect all the time (you do have a life, after all). But with these simple tips, you can make your house look great no matter how few minutes you have until the showing.

  1. Check your entryway – Sweep the steps and your stoop, and make sure nothing extra is lying around that area (shoes, newspapers, etc.).
  2. Turn the lights on and open the shades/blinds throughout your house to make it look bright and airy.
  3. Make the beds.
  4. Pile dirty laundry in your washing machine. (If you think you can stuff it in a closet, the buyer will absolutely, 100% open that closet. Murphy’s Law.)
  5. Wipe down countertops.
  6. Vacuum if you have time to make carpets look fresh.

Exceeding Expectations

"There is no one else I would trust with this difficult process. These guys are top notch all the way. They know their business extremely well and the outcomes prove it. Very easy to work with. We are truly grateful to them."A. Isabella

From the beginning to the final signed documents, the Jeff Silva TEAM is with you all the way. Their professional and courteous staff will go out of their way to resolve any issues that you may encounter with your home finding venture. I really enjoyed working with them and the best part was how Quick and painless it was to close.S. Armstrong